Everyone has seen the phrase "link in bio" on Instagram, but what is it exactly and how can you use it to drive traffic and conversions via Instagram?

In this articles we will quickly summarize what is the Link in Bio, how it is specifically useful on Instagram and a few tips to drive traffic to your channels.

What does link in bio mean?

Link in bio refers to the link shown under the biography of Instagram profiles. It gives the option to your followers and visitors to retrieve more information about your profile, page, posts, and products.

Here's an example from the Guggenheim Museums and their Link in Bio.

When you click or tap on their Link in Bio, you will be redirected to their landing page, where you can find additional information on their profile, events, posts, etc...

The end user journey is:

- A follower looks at the caption of an Instagram post, where they indicated "Link in Bio"

- They head over to the Instagram profile

- They tap on the Link in Bio

- They land on the page which contains all the additional information

If you want even more information, you can read this complete link in bio guide.

Why do you need a link in bio on Instagram?

While many Social Media platforms allow for links to be added to each post, Instagram doesn't give this possibility, therefore the only way to drive traffic from Instagram to your website/blog/ecommerce or to convert followers to customers, is the link in bio.

Accounts with more than 10,000 followers can use the Swipe Up function of Stories, but apart from being limited to large accounts, it's still limited to stories and not normal posts. So the Link in Bio is still the strongest solution to drive consistent traffic.

With a proper Link in Bio tool, you can very easily mirror your Instagram grid, creating 1 link for each post you have on Instagram. Instagram users are very aware of this and they know to look for your Link in Bio to get more info on each post.

To indicate that you use the Link in Bio, you can simply write "link in bio" in your post caption or directly the hashtag #linkinbio.

How to add your Link in Bio on the Instagram App

1. Open the Instagram App

2. Head to your Profile

3. Tap on "Edit Profile"

4. Use the Website field to add your Link in Bio url

How to add your Link in Bio on the Instagram Website

1. Open instagram.com

2. Tap on your Profile Picture, then Profile

3. Tap on "Edit Profile"

4. Use the Website field to add your Link in Bio url

You can also refer to this complete guide on how to add your Link in Bio on Instagram.

Quick Tips for your Link in Bio

Here are a few tips and things you can do with your Link in Bio

1. Mirror the Instagram Grid to provide 1 link for each Instagram post

2. Add all your Social Icons: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, YouTube, etc..

3. Add your best selling products as a gallery

4. Add a donation box to receive support from your followers

5. Add your contact details, phone number

6. Create an about page to extend the Instagram biography

How to indicate you use the Link in Bio on Instagram

To alert users that your have a Link in Bio and so they should head over to your Instagram Profile to tap on it, you can use the following conventions

In the caption of your post, you can write "link in bio". You can also add a more descriptive help text, like, "for more information tap on the link in bio".

Alternatively, many influencers and brands prefer to use the #linkinbio hashtag. It's a shorter version but allows a very quick reaction from the end user.