You've probably seen the phrase Link in Bio on Instagram, written at the bottom of a very captivating post.

So what does Link in Bio mean on Instagram, and why are people using it?

Link in Bio is a convention used on Instagram and other social media to indicate that in order to access more information on the post you're looking at, you should click/tap on the Link that the author has indicated in their Instagram biography.

Link in Bio became a necessity and a widely used practice because Instagram doesn't allow to put links directly on each post, or even multiple links in your Instagram profile. Therefore Instagram creators have no way to directly place one link for each post.

For many users, the solution is to mirror the Instagram grid in a landing page and then link each original picture. In order to alert users that the author is using such convention, we commonly write "Link in Bio" at the end of the caption. Another convention is to use the hashtag #LinkinBio, as shown below:

Link in Bio

Don't stories "Swipe Up" links remove the necessity of the Link in Bio?

In the past few years Instagram introduced the possibility to add Links, or better "Swipe Up" links in their Stories. So does this remove the necessity of using Link in Bio?

No really, unfortunately!

First of all the Swipe Up link is only available for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, therefore excluding the vast majority of casual users.

Furthermore, it still doesn't allow to link in normal feed posts.

Let's say you want to start using the Link in Bio convention, where should you start?

Well, first of all you need to learn how to set your initial Link for your Instagram Biography. It is fairly easy to do so and just requires a few minutes. 

1. Access your Instagram profile by tapping on your Instagram profile picture on the bottom-right corner of the Instagram app

2. Tap on "Edit Profile" to access the profile editing part.

3. Locate the Website field and fill it with your Link in Bio

You can also read here a complete guide to set your Link in Bio on Instagram.

Next, you need to choose the best Link in Bio service.

Which is the best Link in Bio service to use?

If you're looking for the possibility of managing many Links for your Link in Bio, you should use a professional service with all the features that can help you improve engagement with your audience and maximize the traffic you receive. 

There are several options and the best one might differ depending on your intended usage. These are the things you should ask yourself before choosing a Link in Bio service provider:

- Are you looking to mirror the Instagram Grid or just list all your links?

- Do you need Social, Music or Contact Icons?

- Are you planning to embed Music or Videos in your Link in Bio profile?

- Do you need to display a lot of pictures?

- Are you looking for a FREE or PAID Link in Bio solution?

Once you have the reply to the above questions, you can choose the perfect Link in Bio solution. If you're new to the Link in Bio world, I would suggest to start with a service that offers ALL the options above, Lnk.Bio. They offer both FREE and PAID options, there's both a Grid and List layout, plenty of Icons for all your services, free embedding of music/video, and no limits on how many pictures you upload.

Who needs a Link in Bio service?

You might think that only professionals need a Link in Bio, but in reality most Instagram users might benefit from it.

First of all, most of us have at least 2-3 social networks. If you're a Millennial you probably have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; if you're from Gen-Z, you probably have TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat. As you want people to connect with you across all Social Networks, even if you're not a professional you can benefit from having a Link in Bio cross-linking all your social networks. So if someone finds you on Instagram they can immediately connect with you on TikTok and vice-versa.