2021 has been the year of Link in Bio services. There have been major updates to the historical ones (e..g Lnk.Bio major revamp), and new launches and announces (e.g. Ln.ki and Lnk.At launching soon). A lot of influencers, brands and normal users are switching to a Link in Bio service, both on Instagram and TikTok.

With some many services available, it's difficult to navigate which one offers the best features. The prices also very a lot, from free ones to highly expensive ones.

In this article, we're focusing on free link in bio services, what you should look for and how to decide which one is the right one for you.

Which Free Link in Bio service is the best?

It's difficult to provide an answer to this questions that fits all necessities. The better question is: what are you looking for in a Link in Bio service. Based on your necessities, you can then choose which Link in Bio service is the best for you.

Unlimited Links

One of the most important aspects is to understand if you want to be limited in the number of links that you want to add to your profile. 

Many Link in Bio services only allow a limited number of links to be posted in your profile in the free version. As low as 10 links for some services.

Other services, like Lnk.Bio, offer unlimited links in the free version.

This is a good reassurance in case you don't want to be forced to upgrade in the future because you just need to add one additional link that is not included in your plan.

So unless you're 100% sure you will never need more links, choose a Link in Bio provider that offers unlimited links in the free version.

Unlimited Images/Pictures

If you're looking for a grid-like layout, where you upload an image/picture for each link of your profile, you need to make sure that the free link in bio service you choose allows unlimited images as well.

Since hosting images is a cost, most Link in Bio service don't allow image upload or if they do, they limit it to a few images per account, making it impossible to have a complete grid.

A great exception is Lnk.Bio, that even in the Free version offers unlimited images, one per link. With a free service offering free unlimited images, you can easily mirror your IG grid in your profile and provide a semless experience to your visitors.

Free or Trial?

Make sure you don't fall for the free trial stratagem! Many Link in Bio service advertise a Free Account that is actually just a 14-day or 30-day trial, after which you need to pay to continue using.

So ensure that in the pricing page of your chosen Link in Bio service there's a very clear indication that the free plan is free forever, and not just a trial.

Embed Video & Music

Don't settle for basic features only! Many Link in Bio services only allow the embed of external resources (Videos & Music for example) in their Pro plans. But there's no technical/economical reason behind this. Embedding an external service doesn't cost more money to your Link in Bio provider and therefore it should be free.

Choose a Link in Bio provider that allows free embed of Videos and Music so that your free profile can still look professional and dynamic.


Make sure you read all the limitations when you choose a free Link in Bio:

- How many Links can you add?

- How many images can you add?

- Can you add external embed videos/music?

- How long is the free version for? Will I be charged afterwards?