We are no longer in a 56k world and we are all getting pretty used to our content loading quickly on our mobile phones. This is especially true for when we're navigating Social Media sites: we're used to TikTok videos loading in a fraction of a second, not having to wait for Instagram Stories, and basically have everything immediately ready in our devices, both in 4g/5g and Wifi.

This is why having a blazing fast link in bio is incredibly important for your social media strategy: your audience wants to have the same experience of immediate loading when they visit your link in bio. It must feel natural, almost integrated in the social media.

Imagine this: I click on my favorite brand's link in bio because you I'm curious about a specific content they created. But the link in bio takes too long to load... 1... 2...  3 seconds... and I'm out. I just close the link in bio and go back to scrolling.

This is why when choosing a link in bio provider, knowing their loading speed is foundamental. It can be one of the key aspects between retaining users and losing them. We tested the most-used linkinbio services and below you can find their ratings in terms of page loading speed, from the fastest to the slowest.

To test, we used Google's official PageSpeed Insights, based on the opensource project lightouse. Google PageSpeed offers several interesting metrics, but the one we focused on is called Time to Interactive (TTI). This metric, as explained in depth here,  measures how long it takes for the page to be loaded and ready for visitors to use it, for example by clicking on a link. So it's the best metric for our use case, as it indicates how long your audience has to wait until they can click on a link in your link in bio page.

The lowest the number of seconds, the better the user experience, as it means users have to wait for a lower time. So here are the results

1. Fastest link in bio service: Lnk.Bio at 2.7 seconds

With just 2.7 seconds for the Time to Interactive metric, Lnk.Bio is the fastest link in bio service.

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2. Link in Bio : 5.8s

Link in Bio by Later is second in terms of speed, with 5.8 seconds required for Time to Interactive.

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3. Cardd.co: 7.4s

Cardd is the 3rd service in term of speed, as it took 7.4 seconds for the page to be interactive.

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4. Linktr.ee: 10.2s

The industry leader of link in bio services isn't doing very well when it comes to speed. It's in the second-last position with 10.2 seconds TTI

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5. Lowest loading: Tap.bio 17.0s

Tap.bio is the slowest in our analyses with 17 seconds for TTI.

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The importance of loading quickly

Having your link in bio page load quickly is a great benefit to your social media strategy, pushing for a better user experience and more conversions.

But it's also a great feature for your followers: a quick link in bio page, is usually also very light. Which means people can visit your link in bio knowing they will not finish the GB of their mobile plans. 

Overall, if you need to choose a new link in bio service, you should definitely account for how fast their page loads.