Your Link in Bio is the first thing users see about you or your business after they click on your social media biography. While it's super important that your Link in Bio shows relevant information and links, it can also be a great opportunity to drive conversions and sales to your business.

Many influencers and brands use their Link in Bio to link to their official shop, then the actual sale will appear there. This means there are several steps the user must complete before they can actually buy, and each step decreases the chance that the purchase will be completed.

Here's an example:

- User lands on your Link in Bio
- They click on your shop icon/link
- They choose the product
- Add to Cart
- Pay

It's a lot of steps! And at any time during this journey they might close the page, change their mind and the sale is gone.

Here's why having the possibility to purchase directly on your Link in Bio greatl increases your conversion rate. A customer journey would become

- User lands on your Link in Bio
- They purchase your product

That's it. It's faster, and increases your conversion rate exponentially.

Unfortunately, most Link in Bio services don't offer a shop functionality, but Lnk.Bio does. 

You can set up your Shop directly within your Link in Bio account, list your products alongside your other links and users can immediately buy never leaving your Lnk.Bio profile.

Here's how a shop page looks like:

Lnk.Bio shop


And here's how it looks like after you click on an item

Lnk.Bio purchase from shop

In conclusion, having your products directly listed in your Link in Bio profile and allowing for a direct purchase, allows for a better experience for your users and an increased conversion rate for you. More sales, more revenues.