Everyone saw the words Link in Bio at least one time across Social Media: influencers, marketers and shops on InstagramTikTok and even Twitter use the phrase Link in Bio in their posts to drive engagement to their website or shop.

Link in Bio means that the link to that specific post can be found in the biography of the author, usually located at the top of the page.

This practice is needed because several Social Networks do not allow to add a link to each specific post. Instagram and TikTok (to mention the two most well-known ones) do not allow to add a direct link to a post. 

Practical Example of Link in Bio: a webshop

So let us take an example: we are a webshop with a product to sell. We take a fantastic picture of the product, craft a super caption, choose a few trending hashtags and finally post our fantastic post on Instagram.

The problem is now that if someone finds our product excellent, they can not reach our website to view more info or purchase it because we can not add a link to our Instagram post.

So instead of losing a possible customer, we add the words Link in Bio well visible in our caption, or we even use the hashtag #linkinbio. The interested audience will then go to our biography, click on our link and finally be able to retrieve more information on the product and possibly buy it.

Visual Examples to better understand

How a Link In Bio post looks like

How the actual Link in Bio looks like

Need help finding the Link in Bio?

We have few guides to help you finding the Link in Bio on Various Social Networks: