The Bio (or Biography) is one of the most important parts of your TikTok profile. It provides a quick description of your profile and allows people to immediately understand what your account is about.

On TikTok the Bio is located below the profile picture, and statistics, as shown in the screenshot below:

TikTok where is the Bio


To create or edit the biography of your own TikTok account, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Access your Profile

Access your profile by clicking on the Me icon in the bottom-right corner of the TikTok App, as shown below:

TikTok open Profile

Step 2 - Edit your Profile

Now that you're on your Profile page, click on the Edit Profile button, as shown below:

TikTok edit profile

Step 3 - Locate and Tap on the Bio

On the Edit Profile page, look down to locate the Bio and tap on it to edit it. It should be the 4th line, as shown below:

TikTok Edit Biography

Step 4 (last) - Edit and Save

That's it, simply edit the text and tap on Save at the top-right corner as shown below:

TikTok Save Biography